The Wounded Giant of Monterosso

Allied bombs and rough seas have reduced the once mighty turn of the century giant into an armless ruin. Il Gigante continues to shoulder the weight of the terrace for the one time famous Villa Pastine.

Il Gigante- The Giant of Monterosso

Il Gigante- The Giant of Monterosso

Arriving in Monterosso after hiking the trail from Vernazza on the Cinque Terre, we walked out to the beach. Il Gigante caught my eye immediately with his huge hulking form riding the rocky outcrop. His leg and torso were knotted with muscle, looking like one of the Seven Wonders of the World. I stood amazed and intrigued by his existence.

Do You See the Hidden Giant?

Do You See the Hidden Giant?

Is he Hercules? Sampson? Gulliver? Neither. He is Neptune, God of the Sea, sitting 45 feet high and weighing in at 1700 tons. Designed and fashioned out of concrete and iron in 1910 by Arrigo Minerbi, a Jewish Italian sculptor, Neptune supports the one-time dancing terrace of Villa Pastine on his shoulders. He became the symbol of the town in postcards of the era, decorating the seaward edge of the villa while holding the waves at bay.

Minerbi, who is also known for creating the bronze doors on the duomo in Milan, was forced into hiding in 1937 because of his Jewish ancestry. He survived and completed the doors after the war.


Villa Pastine and Il Gigante before the air raids. Photo credit

The Villa Pastine and Il Gigante suffered from allied bombing runs as well as being battered by the sea. As a result, Neptune is missing both arms, his trident, and a conch shell he held high above his head.

Supposedly a climber discovered treasure at the heels of the giant in 1982. Maybe so. Who can say for sure? However, a tale like this one deserves a rainbow and a pot, or heel, of gold at the end.

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  1. Wonderful piece. I’ve really enjoyed your posts and overall blog. I’ve gotten lots of useful information and inspiration! Grazie!

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  2. Hi Susan! I was am writing a post on Cinque Terre and was looking for info on this guy! You helped me out a lot! Can I reference your info in my post? When I saw him, I thought of the Colossus of Rhodes…

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  3. This is so very interesting! A hidden gem for sure!…The cinque Terre has intrigued me so much….can’t wait to visit!
    I’m loving your blog Susan…eager to explore more:)

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  4. Wow-what a stunning image he makes! The terrazza looks like it might have been shell shaped and must have had an incredible view over the water. Ciao, Cristina

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  5. What a fantastic story Susan! I love these little hidden gems, especially the slightly eccentric ones! Brilliant post!

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  6. Beautiful. Can you imagine the giant and the dance floor in their heyday? Sheer elegance. Very interesting piece.

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