Da Vinci Rules (14 Tips for a Healthy Life)

Dear Readers, I am so impressed by my friend Raeleen’s article about Leonardo Di Vinci’s idea of a healthy lifestyle that I had to reblog this article for you to read. Leonardo obviously knew a thing or two about living well! Enjoy…

The Italian Art of Living Well


Centuries later, Leonardo da Vinci’s advice for living a healthy life still has relevance and has been confirmed by researchers. Take from the following 14 pearls of wisdom what applies to you—only YOU know what you must modify in order to give your body and mind the ultimate support as you go through each day. These notes were from Richter’s version of the Notebooks of Leonardo—italics represent my own commentary.

What changes will YOU make based on the da Vinci 14? Comment below and share your thoughts!

According to Leonardo, good health comes from the following practice*

  1. Eat only when you want (want meaning hungry) and sup light.
  2. Chew well, and let what you take be well cooked and simple (He was way ahead of his time in knowing certain foods need to be cooked well, and are more easily digestible when cooked).
  3. He who takes…

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7 replies

  1. Oh I so agree with this. I wrote a book on avoiding illness through healthy eating called “Food for Thought”. Eating correctly is do essential to healthy life and the Italians are masters at it.


  2. Thanks for sharing this, it is simple and the Mediterranean Diet is one of the healthiest diet to follow.

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  3. Definitely, I could not agree more. It all makes so much sense, and the best part, it is not difficult. Great post Susan

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  4. Susan, My reply about this may have gone to the original blog. Just wanted you to thank you for sharing it. See you Wednesday. Lori

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