Autumn Twilight in the Umbrian Hills

Splashes of red and gold streak across the evening sky like a watercolor painting. The sun has made its last debut and slides behind a wooded hilltop. Sleepy hamlets surrounded by fields of olive trees and flocks of sheep become silhouettes against the fading light. An Umbrian evening is quickly approaching.

Dinner is ready. I walk around the old restored farmhouse of the agriturismo, Nido del Falcone, to meet my friends. Inside the ancient stone dining room, a rustic table is laden with fresh local delicacies on creamy white plates. Wicker baskets with fragrant apples, brown-skinned onions and peppers sit on a low brick shelf. A single lamp reflects light off the walls. Shadows line the stairwell leading down to an old Etruscan tomb now a storage cellar. I find myself surrounded by a wholesome fall ambiance that is magical.

The aroma of simmering boar sauce with basil fills the room. Inviting, warm, friendly, enchanting, nurturing, romantic….all of these words come to mind.

Unforgettable…a special moment in time.

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11 replies

  1. I will just say ‘ditto’ to what everyone else has already said 🙂

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  2. Wow – incredible photo – like an old master’s painting. Then, the description. You capture all the senses. Powerful.


  3. Mesmerising, I felt as if I was in this magical place with you Susan…another world…

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  4. That photo belongs in a gallery. You captured something very special.

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  5. I would agree, unforgettable.

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