To Market, To Market in Lecce, Puglia

Market in Lecce packed with much more than fruits and vegetables

Market in Lecce packed with much more than fruits and vegetables inside. 

Market day in Lecce is a feast for the eyes, and often the tummy. Locally grown and freshly picked produce, colorful and aromatic, fill boxes to overflowing. Vendors offer samples while engaging in conversation with customers. I love to walk slowly and observe the active energy of this ‘farmers market.’ Afterward, I feel like I’ve had my weekly dose of vitamins. Enjoy some photos I took during my recent visit.

Boxes and bins everywhere full of fresh picked produce

Artichokes with purple accents

Rows of striped cucumbers

Plump sun-ripened tomatoes

Earthy brown potatoes

Shiny purple eggplant

Even cleaning products

Even cleaning products can be found


Containers and jars of olives, capers and artichokes

Olives~every kind you can imagine

various seasonings and containers of capers

various seasonings and containers of capers

Tender small zucchini...the flowers are perfect for dipping in batter and frying

Tender small zucchini…the flowers are perfect for dipping in a light batter and frying

The seafood market


A special catch of the day

A special catch of the day favorite!

The formaggio counter with some of the best locally made cheese I’ve ever tasted. 

Don’t you wish you had your shopping bag with you? If only we could step inside a photo…. Maybe this inspired you to go to your nearest farmers market for some fresh produce. I’m glad you came along.

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  1. Looks great – thanks for the review.
    Will be there in 2 weeks, any chance to get an address ?

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  2. Susan, my favorite was the ‘catch of the day’. He looks like he loves his job. 🙂
    Blessings ~ Wendy

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  3. Nice to catch up with you, Susan. The fruit and vegetable market is so temptingly merchandised as to build an appetite on anyone passing by. Lecce is rightly called the Florence of the South, as the produce of this southern Italian town is as beautiful as the place…best wishes.. Raj.


    • Hello Raj, good to hear from you. I agree, the produce market is temptingly merchandised. My favorite thing to do is converse with the vendors. They are a wealth of knowledge and I get a good dose of local connection. Thanks for check in.


  4. Our experience in ‘rural’ Italy is that the markets are the only place to buy those fresh fruits and vegetables – the supermarkets produce was very poor quality by comparison. Your photos are making me hungry, Susan 😉


  5. I love the fruits in Italy. So fresh and full of taste. Great post, Lecce seems very pretty!

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  6. Lovely produce. I remember the beautiful yellow fleshed potatoes from Puglia- they melt in the mouth.

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  7. I could return just for the local produce. Their fruit and vegetables are simply divine

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  8. Markets are my favourite – thanks for sharing all the great photos! It feels like I am there.


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