Will You Travel To Italy With Me This Year?

Susan on Ponza

With my travel blog tour group on Ponza Island

A New Year is upon us! Do you have any travel plans? Half of the fun is planning a trip even though it may be a way off into the future. In the meantime, you pinch pennies and read everything you can about your destination. Most likely, you will have a map on your desk with routes marked and towns circled.

When I went to Italy for the first time 13 years ago, I never dreamed i’d become so caught up in a fascination for a country. As a result, I began this blog as a way to share my passion with others who dream of Italy like I do. And here you are!

I am delighted with your faithful companionship that has inspired me along the way to new discoveries and experiences. When I am in Italy, I think of you and seek ways to capture the essence and flavors that I know you would love. I hope you have enjoyed the journey with me as much as I have cherished the opportunity to be your Italy guide.

As many of you know, this last September I was invited to be part of a blog tour group called This Is Your Time. We traveled through parts of Umbria, Terracina in Lazio, Ponza and Ventotene Islands. It was a time of discovery for everyone, an opportunity to see and experience the real Italy through the eyes of those we met along the way.

Susan in Ponza

Boating around Ponza Island to explore the caves and grottos along the coastline

Each of us in the group had one thing in common ~ A love for Italy and a passion to learn and share it with others. Together we spent an exciting 10 day adventure that forged many new friendships.

Susan at Lake Tirasema

Hiking with my friend Krista near Lake Trasimeno in Umbria

When I returned home, I held my new grandson with delight and thankfulness. I had turned down an offer to be a part of the blog tour last June because of the possibility of his birth. He did not come during that time but we welcomed him a few weeks later. Since I had missed the June tour, I was thrilled to be invited again in September.


My new little grandson Paxton…the love of my life!

If I had one wish for all of you this coming new year, it would be this. That you find great joy and peace. One thing I have discovered in all my travels is that happiness isn’t found where you physically are ~ although it may be breathtaking ~ but among those you love. I pray you will surround yourselves with them. This old cliche may be redundant but possesses deep truth ~There is no place like home.

Felice Anno Nuovo ai miei amici! (Happy New Year my friends!)

With Love,


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15 replies

  1. I’ll be there. Not just in spirit but in body this year! Hooray for 2015.


  2. Buon anno! I wish you many more travels to Italy and I will be along for the vicarious ride 😀


  3. Happy New Year. I hope 2015 is a year full of travel…we will all follow along.

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  4. Cara Susan, I can think of nothing more delightful than travelling to Italy with you, literally! However, from the other side of he big ball (aka the antipodes) I suspect I will simply continue to enjoy your wonderful blog. A blessed and safe 2015 to you.


  5. I wish you a year of happiness and fun and lots of travel Susan. I look forward to hearing more about your travel blog group Lyn

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  6. When we took our first trip to Italy in 2003 with our grown daughters I never, ever thought I would return on a yearly basis! That my husband and I would explore our family roots and find the villages, indeed even the house, of our grandparents. That we would take our granddaughter at the age of 3 1/2 with us and now have a second trip with her planned for June 2015. Life is amazing with its blessings and graces, but above all, is the love of family and friends! You are so right! Blessings and happy travels in 2015!!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Ma che belle parole!!!! Buon anno anche a te!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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