Last Day to Vote! Italy Magazine Blog Awards

Dreaming on Lake Como

Dreaming on Lake Como

When I took my first whirlwind trip through Italy over a decade ago, I never dreamed that I would become a passionate writer of bella Italia!  What I do remember is being in a state of pure delight. It was my first trip overseas and my mind was absolutely captivated with the culture, history and beauty of this lovely country. Since then I have had the good fortune of returning several times.

My blog began a year ago as a result of a great desire to share my love of Italy and to inspire a spirit of adventure. In the process, I have met many wonderful readers and fellow bloggers who have consistently shown their support and appreciation. You have all been my inspiration to keep on going, to write that next article. My life has become enriched as I have enjoyed getting to know each one of you. I thank you with all my heart.

Writing_Sunset_Roma_Italy_Italia_-_Creative_Commons_by_gnuckx_(4276946305)Just a few days ago I was informed that my blog, Timeless Italy, made Italy Magazine’s shortlist for their Italy Blogger Awards! I had to read the notice twice before the announcement sank in. You can only imagine the sense of honor I feel to be in the running with those other blogs that I have always admired so much. I have considered them wonderful examples of writers inspired with the rare ability to express the essence of Italy and all of its beautiful attractions.

I am so thankful for the exposure that Italy Magazine’s awards will bring to my blog and to all of us. I encourage you to check out the amazing blogs that are in the running by clicking on this link. You will see mine, Timeless Italy, listed on the page. Cast your vote if you wish. Final voting is taking place now until February 8th. Winners will be announced on February 10th.

My heartfelt thanks to you all….

Grazie Mille!


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  1. Congratulations! It is fun to be nominated. I hope you do well.


  2. Congrats! I vetoed. Ooops. I mean voted. 😀 …. for the other ones. Ooops. I mean for you. 😆


  3. Susan – do you know where you stand on the votes yet. Hope it’s going good.


  4. Ciao Susan! Complimenti! Siamo tutti in buoni compagnia! Anche per me è un onore e mi sento di aver già vinto un premio stare con altri blog come il tuo! Best wishes and compliments! We are in such good company and I feel like I have already won being a finalist in the same category with wonderful blogs such as yours! Isn’t this just too much fun!!! 🙂 Ci sentiamo! Melissa


    • Ciao Melissa, bello sentire da voi. Sì, è meraviglioso essere in corsa. Anch’io sono molto impressionato con così tanti blog meravigliosi, è una tonnellata di divertimento e mai immaginato che ciò accada. Grazie per il messaggio, e vi auguro tutto il meglio! Congratulazioni Melissa! Ciao Melissa, great to hear from you. Yes, it is wonderful to be in the running. I, too, am very impressed with so many wonderful blogs, It is a ton of fun and never imagined it happening. Thank you for the message, and I wish you all the best! Congratulations Melissa!


  5. Hi Susan — just wanted to let you know I shared your post/site on a Facebook Group called “Share Your WordPress Blog” at


  6. Congratulations Susan. It is a well deserved nomination. I have only recently discovered your blog and thoroughly enjoying it


  7. I am excited that I have found a new blog to read, about one of my favorite countries: Italy! I too was nominated but for the Best Single Post about Art & Culutre, and feel so blessed!! I am a world traveler, but always return to Italy at least two-three times a year!! Points and Travel


  8. I’m glad to see that your passion and talent are being recognized. I viewed the others to be fair, but voted for TimelessItaly which truly stands out. I’ve been reading your posts with interest and envy you for living in Italy while I only visit once a year. I hope that you win.


    • Carolynne, thank you so much! I feel honored to be in the running, and your support is so appreciated! By the way, I don’t live in Italy….but like you I visit yearly and set my course to discover as much about this lovely country as I can. And every time I revisit a place, I find even more to explore! Again, thank you!!


  9. Congratulations Susan! I am thrilled that Timeless Italy is on the shortlist for the Italy Magazine Blogger Awards in Art and Culture! I have been enjoying your articles for quite some time and am so glad to have gotten to know your through your amazing writing and generous spirit. Buona fortuna!


  10. Congratulations, Susan. I’m so proud of you — what an honor and so well deserved, my friend. You’ve got my vote. 🙂


  11. You’ve got my vote!


  12. Voted good luck you deserve it!!!!!


  13. You have my vote. Good luck!     Carol Stigger 630 253 3331

    When life gives you lemons, make limoncello.




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